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Folly Park is a story about history, race, identity, and friendship. At its heart is a woman named Temple Preston and her old, crumbling, ancestral plantation in Virginia.  With the discovery of long hidden, disturbing family secrets, Temple gets wrapped up in exposing these family secrets as a way to save the ancestral home, until she begins to question whether it's really worth saving.  Author Heidi Hackford talks about the character she eventually grew to like,  about the power of semantics, and about how her work at Monticello – and how people responded to it – helped shape this story.  My thanks to Folly Park’s publisher She Writes Press and author Heidi Hackford for sharing Temple and Vee and this story full of history and surprises with me.  I would love to hear what you think about Folly Park, reach out anytime on social media or email at As always, thanks for being here.. And thanks for listening. — Support this podcast:
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Theresa Bakken Narrator

When Theresa was five years old, her parents let her play with a reel to reel recorder and a budding journalist was born. She loved recording her version of the news, emulating Walter Cronkite’s “That’s the Way It Is”.

Theresa’s family moved a lot. They eventually settled in south central TX, where she graduated from high school and earned a degree in Mass Communications from Texas Lutheran University.

Theresa landed a job as a reporter and weekend anchor at KMAC Channel 28 in Lubbock, TX, and loved it. When she moved to WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville, TN, she thought she had found the perfect job with the most amazing people. Her work there with talented photojournalists won her an Emmy in series reporting.

Then, Theresa and her husband started a family. She quickly traded reporting the nightly news for reading bedtime stories, and found a new level of happiness.

Through the years, Theresa never forgot the thrill of being in front of a microphone and connecting people through the spoken word. All grown up, her oldest son surprised her with a home recording studio, and encouraged her to host a podcast and narrate audiobooks. And so, the next chapter began.

As her children grew, she turned her energy to a non-profit. She found joy and fulfillment as the Executive Director of Smile for a Lifetime of Greater Denver until her beekeeping hobby morphed into a commercial honey confection business. Her Honey Salted Caramels made from honey she and her sons harvested won The 2019 Good Food Award for confections. How sweet is that!

Since early 2020, Theresa has been lending her voice to authors who entrusted her with their stories. She brings these stories to life with the same dedication she brings to all her endeavors, the same excellence that earned her an Emmy, and with the same enthusiasm as the five-year-old girl with her reel to reel recorder.

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