Desideratum is Latin for things that are desired as essential. The Desideratum Podcast celebrates storytelling – the art of telling and the journey of listening. Join audiobook narrator Theresa Bakken and her wordsmith friends for new episodes every Friday featuring conversations with writers and excerpts from their audiobooks or recorded short stories. Tune in to hear an artist you love or to find your new favorite storyteller.

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Runner by Tracy Clark Ep32 Desideratum

This week's featured author Tracy Clark delivered a story I shivered through, feeling the Chicago winter on every page. Runner is book 4 in her Cass Raines detective series and it centers on a runaway 15 year old and the race to find her. Tracy shares why this was a winter she didn't see coming – how a delightful little thief showed up and won't ever leave – and when and where she finds her essential things. Thank you to Kensington Press for connecting me with Tracy and her books and thank you to Highbridge Audio , A Division of Recorded Books for the scene from her rich, resonant, and talented audiobook narrator Shari Peele. Thank you for listening. Here's Tracy Clark's website to connect with her and learn more about all her books. https://tracyclarkbooks.com/ — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theresa-bakken/support
  1. Runner by Tracy Clark Ep32
  2. 10 Days: A Dee Rommel Mystery by Jule Selbo, Ep31
  3. A Bright Young Thing, by Brianne Moore Episode 30
  4. Island Queen by Vanessa Riley Episode 29
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Of the Stars

Her main character tugged at her imagination, following her through life for twenty years.  This tenacious character, Astra Davies, eventually became A Bright Young Thing and launched as a novel and audiobook this month.  Astra (the name means of the stars) solves family mysteries, dodges innuendo and lies and creates financial independence with plucky charm…More

Island Queen- Vanessa Riley weaves an intricate tale

Holding up a box full of fabric swatches – Vanessa shows how she captures her exquisite sensory writing style. This weeks featured story is from author Vanessa Riley. Her novel Island Queen is an intricately woven tale of an 18th century woman’s rise from slavery to autonomy. You will hear how narrator Adjoa Andoh’s performance…More

Meet our Host Theresa Bakken

When Theresa was five years old, her parents let her play with a reel to reel recorder and a budding journalist was born. She loved recording her version of the news, emulating Walter Cronkite’s “That’s the Way It Is”. Theresa’s family moved around a lot when she was young. They eventually settled in TX, where she earned a BA in Mass Communications.

Theresa landed a job as a reporter and weekend anchor at KMAC Channel 28 in Lubbock, TX. Then she moved up to WSMV Channel 4 in Nashville, TN, where she earned an Emmy for her series reporting.

When Theresa and her husband started a family, she traded reporting the nightly news for reading bedtime stories.

As her children grew, she worked as the Executive Director of a non-profit gifting children in need free orthodontic care. And, she turned a beekeeping hobby into a commercial honey confection business. The Bee Ranch Honey Salted Caramels made from honey she and her sons harvested won The 2019 Good Food Award for confections.  

Through the years, Theresa never forgot the thrill of being in front of a microphone and connecting people through the spoken word. All grown up, her oldest son surprised her with a home recording studio, and encouraged her to host a podcast and narrate audiobooks.

Since early 2020, Theresa has been lending her voice to authors who entrusted her with their stories. She brings these stories to life with the same dedication she brings to all her endeavors, the same excellence that earned her an Emmy, and with the same enthusiasm as the five-year-old girl with her reel to reel recorder.

Visit Theresa’s Narrator website to schedule an audition and see her audiobook library.

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