Episode 5 Ignorance or Innocence

Our featured story Ignorance or Innocence is from Johnnie Bernhard. Johnnie wrote this story awhile ago, before her successful novels. This story is autobiographical, set in a small Texas town where she moved in 8th grade. It’s a story about being an outsider, but Johnnie has this way of seeing the ‘Gift’ in things, even hard things like loneliness. She wrote this story to honor her mother Loula Mae. I love how Johnnie paints her with strength and kindness. You will hear why Johnnie starts every story with character and family, and what part of writing she equates to a runner’s high – it’s fantastic. She’s fantastic and she’s clearly doing what she was meant to do.
After you listen… you can listen to her TEDTalk here, https://www.ted.com/talks/johnnie_bernhard_the_human_story
You can find links to purchase her novels and audiobook on her website. http://www.johnniebernhardauthor.com/
You can find her mentoring writers through Gemini Ink https://geminiink.org/

Thanks for listening.

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