Episode 21 After Francesco – grief, hope and gallows humor with author Brian Malloy

Our featured story comes from author Brian Malloy’s new novel After Francesco.  You will hear his talented and award winning narrator Michael Crouch read an excerpt from the audiobook – a scene where the main character Kevin measures his grief not by remembering what was, but by thinking about what will never be.  You will also hear Brian explain – in his even and calming voice – how this emotional ride of a story is anchored in his personal experiences in many different ways.  I love what his character Aunt Nora says about family. And, Brian’s answer to the ‘essential things’ question caught me by surprise with its altruism.  We begin by talking about when he was writing the ‘author’s note’ during lock down – during the pandemic – a very different pandemic than the one he chronicles in the book – which honors those who fought a life and death battle against disease, hatred, indifference, and ignorance during the 1980’s.  You can find After Francesco and all of Brian’s work through his website https://www.malloywriter.com/after_francesco_.htm.  And, I’ll put a picture of Brian with his Minnesota AIDS Project buds at the March on Washington in 1987 on the Desideratum Podcast website. https://desideratumpodcast.com/ When you want to hear more from narrator Michael Crouch, here is his website: http://www.michaellockwoodcrouch.com/  

Thanks for listening.

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