Island Queen- Vanessa Riley weaves an intricate tale

Holding up a box full of fabric swatches – Vanessa shows how she captures her exquisite sensory writing style. This weeks featured story is from author Vanessa Riley. Her novel Island Queen is an intricately woven tale of an 18th century woman’s rise from slavery to autonomy. You will hear how narrator Adjoa Andoh’s performance matches and elevates the rich tapestry of Vanessa’s storytelling. In our conversation with Vanessa, she shares how her technical background gives her perspective and allows her to examine the historical record with an intense level of detail. She also tells us the fascinating story behind her discovery of the real Dorothy Kirwan Thomas hiding in history. Dorothy’s story from slavery to wealth and power is riveting and inspiring in Vanessa’s skillful hands.
Thanks to Danielle Bartlett at Harper Collins and Harper Audio and William Morrow.
Thanks to Angela Anderson who first sang the praises of Island Queen to me.
Thanks for listening.

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