10 Days – an exciting crime mystery countdown from author Jule Selbo

10 Days : Dee Rommel Mystery #1 is just the beginning for novelist Jule Selbo.  Her plans for Dee Rommel – the justice seeking cop who was injured on the job – include a countdown style series starting with 10 Days, then 9 Days, then 8 Days… each book’s action set in that specific time frame.  Jule has worn several career hats preparing her for this work – playwright, screenwriter, and professor. She shares WHY the mystery and crime genre was something she always wanted to write, and tells us HOW a middle school experience in Fargo North Dakota was the first step in her journey to Hollywood screenwriter.  Her essential thing will take you to ‘plot and beyond’.  And, as a bonus for Desideratum Podcast listeners,  Pandamoon Publishing is offering a special 15% off discount code to purchase the ebook and print editions, including hardback.  Just enter the discount code DP15 at checkout on the Pandamoon Publishing website. https://pandamoonpub.com/ to save 15% on 10 Days. Thank you to Allen and Zara Kramer at Pandamoon for their generosity and support.  Here’s Jule Selbo’s website to stay in touch with her and get the latest on her exciting new crime series. https://www.juleselbo.com/

Thanks for listening.

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